Friday, April 11, 2014

How to: Organise Your Closet

It's April! Summer is close and winter is gone. What we have to do now? Unfortunately, yes....the spring cleaning. And I started with my closet. Most of the times it takes so long and we get so bored. But, I have some tricks to make this cleaning funnier and easier.

First of all, you have to choose a day for it, or an afternoon. Because if you have 2-3 free hours it is not ok because sometimes you need a break and you don't want to be pressured by the time.

Then,  pour yourself a cup of tea, a glass of lemonade or even wine. This will relax you.

A nice energetic playlist will help a lot. I chose this one . It's the soundtrack from Confessions of a Shopaholic , my favourite movie. I love it!

And here the fun comes! This is really my favourite part, when I get all my clothes out of the closet. Then, I put my clothes into piles, shirts to shirts, pants to pants and so on. I have 2 separated piles for the clothes which don't fit me any more or which I don't like any more. If you haven't worn something for more than a year it's very probably not to wear it again this year, so put it in the pile.  I said 2 piles: donation and sale. After that you put the other piles back into your closet. The final step is to arrange them by colour. So you'll know exactly where to search and yours closet will have a nice aspect like shops' aspects.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Family Weekend

Family time is always the best time! And I mean it! This weekend I went with my family to our vacation a house, a little piece of Heaven near Danube. The house was full of family and family friends. I got comfy, wearing sweat pants and a tee, and enjoyed every moment. We played Activity and laughed a lot. But there were 2 moments which I really enjoyed. 
The first one was on the Saturday afternoon when everybody was  relaxing in their rooms after that long way. I couldn't sleep. So, I read and admired the Danube. The view was awesome, the book was good, the bed was warm. Could I wish more? No, but it happened. It started to rain. And the window was a little bit open and I could hear so well al those drops falling on the window and all the waves created by the wind on the river. It was just a perfect moment captured in an ordinary afternoon.
The second one was on Sunday morning. And when I said morning I meant very early. I woke up and everyone was sleeping, except me and my dad. I saw him. He was on the pontoon, fishing. I came to him and sat down on a bench. I didn't want to disturb him. Then, he told me: 

You see? I don't come here for fishing or for the house. I come here to listen to the water and to look at this wonderful view while I'm thinking of all things and problems in my life. And here, every time I find a solution. It's just fantastic how this place can charge myself with energy and optimism. 

And he was so right! This place has something magical. I talked to my father that morning when nothing could disturb us, we talked about my future, about my sister's leaving for the university, about life. It was such a pleasant talk which made me realise that family is the best thing we could have in our lives.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Tembe, Tembe la Pluie

E trecut de miezul noptii. Stau si ascult picurii de ploaie cum cad pe geamurile mari. Locul asta e chiar mai frumos atunci cand ploua. Vantul bate destul de puternic si se formeaza valurile astea pe Dunare, parca as fi la mare. Doar ca  nu vara, in plin sezon, ci primavara devreme cand e aproape pustiu si natura inca  isi pastreaza din farmecul ei. Mai beau niste ceai si ma gandesc cum peste doar cateva luni locul acesta va fi impanzit de rulote, de familii cu copii galagiosi, de skijeturi si de vapoare.  Nu ca nu mi-ar placea agitatia, dar stau si ma gandesc oare ei pot sa admire Dunarea pe timp de ploaie sau ar considera aceasta imbinare de griuri ce-si varsa picurii in unicul nostru fluviu doar un ghinion si o necesitate de a sta in camera hotelului in schimbul leneselor zile petrecute la piscina?
Imi place ploaia, mereu mi-a placut. E atat de relaxanta, e ca un dus fierbinte dupa o zi plina, e ca o muzica clasica dupa o perioada de stres,  e pur si simplu  minunata!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Get Your Dream Body For the Summer

2 months until summer, 2 months until our bodies lie in the sun, wearing bikinies and maybe drinking a cocktail. It sounds amazing, right? At first, it sounds amazing, then after looking in the mirror several times it starts to scare you.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014


March, the first month of spring...It's about stop wasting your time and maybe start losing your mind. Or how this quote says "Stay close to anything that makes you glad you are alive". And so I did. Stay with your friends, laugh a lot, smile to the sun, wear sunglasses, feel like a princess, or sing at karaoke with your friends, find motivational photos or go somewhere else, explore, go for a road trip, play with your hair, try some new hairstyles and so on, I just have some many ideas. Be fearless, do something new, and enjoy it! Because life is too short to be boring and do the same things all over again. And spring, spring is the best time to start!

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Optimistic Yellow

Some days ago I bought the latest issue of Elle and I read there, in my horoscope, that leo is a very colourful person. And so am I. And  yellow, I love yellow! It's such a happy colour! It makes me feel optimistic and feel that I'm closer to the spring break, a looking forward break. But until those far away vacations we have to enjoy our surroundings in the short breaks we take. For example, I love spending time in my garden especially these days when everything is blossomed and colourful.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

My Dream Scares Me

Consideri zicala "Nu risti nu castigi" adevarata? Dar daca risti prea mult? Daca asumandu-ti acest risc poti pierde cam mult?
Hmmm...In ceea ce ma priveste pe mine, am mers mereu la sigur. Am avut multi ani aceasta frica de a risca pana acum ceva timp, cand mi-am dat seama ca riscand se pot intampla lucruri frumoase, chiar foarte frumoase.  Dar acum chiar nu am nicio idee ce ar fi mai bine...
Sa incepem cu inceputul. 13 ani. Prima revista Elle. Obsesie pentru Confessions of a Shopaholic. In mintea mea viitorul parea stralucitor: stilettos, cafea Starbucks si numele meu tiparit pe paginile lucioase ale unei reviste de moda, lucrand intr-o cladire fabuloasa cu oameni cel putin interesanti.  14 ani. Incep primul meu blog. Arat lumii ideile mele, felul meu de a scrie. 15 ani. Lucrez pentru o scurta perioada la o revista online. Incep sa iubesc lumea asta. 16 ani. Scrisoarea mea e scrisoarea lunii in revista Elle.
Si acum sa revenim din aceasta paranteza. Daca viitorul meu nu arata asa cum mi l-am imaginat mereu? Acum, sunt oarecum constienta de concurenta imensa de la aceste reviste si de faptul ca poate nu sunt atat de talentata intr-ale scrisului. Doar ca, efectiv, nu pot sa imi las visul de o parte, nu pot sa imi imaginez viata mea altfel. Eu? Intr-un deux piece negru, lucrand intr-o banca? Oh, baby, that's not me! Nu pot sa imi las creativitatea sa ma paraseasca si visul sa se spulbere. Doar ca, in acelasi timp, nu pot sa nu ma gandesc ca exista o posiblitate destul de mare de a esua. Si atunci ce voi face? As fi complet distrusa.
Iar acum vine intrebarea:"Sa risc? Sa incerc sa imi ating telul? Sa imi implinesc visul?" sau "Sa merg la sigur? Sa am o viata decenta?".